For some reason I always love speaking faux-Shakespeare, although I’m not sure “approacheth” is grammatically correct in any context, be it Early Modern English or not. (Grammar pros: Care to enlighten me?) Shakespeare speak aside, this brief blog post is mostly to acknowledge that Write Well Austin has a whole beautiful series of events coming up that I am hugely excited to share with you.

The first is tomorrow (!!!), May 7th, and explores mindful writing at the Meditation Bar. I feel very flattered and fortunate to say that not only did this workshop sell out, but it has a good long waiting list. (But fear not, waitlisted folks! Owner Lauren Foreman and I will be working to get another one on the books ASAP, and I can’t wait.)

The second is an upcoming BLOG POST from none other than Jaime deBlanc-Knowles, a colleague and dear friend of mine, as well as an insanely talented fiction writer and the founder of Fresh Ink Consulting here in Austin. (She also happens to be one of my favorite editors of all time, with the eyes of a hawk. You know, an extremely literate hawk, who also understands grammar and spelling.)

Then we have our summer workshops: Writing from Memory, a workshop about telling our personal stories, which takes place June 27-30 at the magical Writing Barn.

Also at the Writing Barn, July 25-28, is Voicing Our Inner Worlds, a workshop for women. Something special happens when a group of women get together in order to create, and I invite you soulful women to come explore that somethin’ special alongside me.

I believe strongly that writing affirms our worth. If affirming your own worth is something you, like me, could stand to practice in frequent and myriad ways, check out these workshops. Join me in the quest for embracing our inner evil villains and our inner heroes—and using writing to explore the truly meaningful interaction between both. It is a lot less scary than it sounds.

Well, okay—it’s kind of scary. But that’s what workshops are for, right? We get to embark on the adventure together.

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