As you can see, Write Well Austin is live on the worldwide Internet! This is cause for celebration, so I (Ashleigh Pedersen, founder of WWA) am celebrating by posting a blog. This is a relatively new adventure for me, blog-writing, so please bear with me as I learn how to do fancy things like change the color of my font and as I try to sound funny/witty/charming.

Even more exciting than this website, however, is our upcoming writing workshop at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden on March 7th! IS THERE ANYTHING MORE EXCITING THAN YOUNG PEOPLE EXPRESSING THEMSELVES IN WRITING? IN A MAGICAL PLACE WITH PONDS AND PATHS AND BRIDGES AND SCULPTURES? AND A HILARIOUS/INCREDIBLY FUN INSTRUCTOR (ME)? (No. The answer is no. There is nothing more exciting than this!)

This workshop will be from 10:00am-12:30pm, and it will also be extremely fun. It’s a version of the Umlauf writing workshop WWA hosted for middle school girls last fall—with focus on creating imaginative stories based on our amazing surroundings—but we are branching out to include younger folks this time around!

Are you one such younger folk? Do you know of any younger folks (who are girls, and in fourth or fifth grade specifically)? If so, send her/them to us at

We love to meet young writers like a mouse loves cheese. In fact, if young writers were bait in a mousetrap, we would totally fall for it.

Umlauf Sculpture Garden! (photo cred:

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