Hi, friends of Write Well Austin,

Just a short post to note a few promising changes here.

For starters, I’m going to be offering more and more adult writing workshops, something I have not offered in a while and am excited to start back up again! Many of these workshops will be for writers of any level, and I especially welcome folks who don’t consider themselves to be writers at all! On March 26, you can explore the first of these adult workshops with my half-day retreat at the Writing Barn. We will focus on connecting to ourselves, our bodies, and the earth itself through writing. There will be a nice balance of humor, sincerity, and time to simply create.

Additionally, I want to share the exciting news that I am partnering with Morgan Osmani—an incredible meditation teacher, psychotherapist, yoga teacher, human being, and friend—to bring you several upcoming writing and meditation retreats, starting this summer. Morgan and I agree that both writing and meditation go hand-in-hand; we’re excited to explore this symbiotic relationship with each other, and you. More details about these retreats coming soon!

Many thanks for your continued support, friends!

Ashleigh (Founder/Fiction Writer/Outdoor Enthusiast)


(Thank you www.monumentaltrees.com for this lovely image of my favorite tree.)

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