Have you ever wanted to escape for the day into a quiet, peaceful setting—the woods, or a treehouse somewhere, or your own private beach cove—where your only task is to read, write, and imagine?

A half-day at the magical Writing Barn, in Austin, Texas, will allow you to be surrounded by nature, a sense of quiet, and creative energy. Sixth-eighth grade writers are encouraged to join us on Saturday, January 9th, from 10am to 2pm. Although in Austin, this retreat is a wooded hideaway, and it may feel like you have escaped to your own private ranch for the day! There is a screened-in porch with heaters (so we can enjoy the fresh air without freezing!), tall shelves filled with books, a loft, and various nooks for young writers to curl up and create. Students will enjoy a variety of writing activities, from warm-up prompts to stretching breaks to poetry games to—most of all—time to simply write, whether in response to a prompt or the student’s own project. Our “stop, drop, and read” policy will be in full effect during free time, so bring any books you might want to enjoy, along with a sack lunch and clothes to keep you warm when we go outside for fresh air and the smell of those amazing trees surrounding the barn! Tea will be served and additional tasty snacks provided.

Holiday Registration Deadline: Dec. 23, 2015 – $140

Final Registration Deadline: January 6, 2016 – $155

Send payment via PayPal to writewellaustin@gmail.com or pay by check. Please also email your child’s full name and confirm payment method to Ashleigh at writewellaustin@gmail.com.

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