Hello dear readers (and writers)!

This is a short post to introduce a favorite person of mine, and new Write Well Austin workshop instructor, Jaime deBlanc-Knowles. Jaime is a wonder. She writes, she reads, she teaches, she edits, and she is 100 times more witty than I (Ashleigh) have ever been. Also, she can wrangle both cats and children with ease.

(Okay, I may have exaggerated that last part ever so slightly—but better safe than sorry, children!)

Jaime created a whole series of delightful fall workshops, which I am posting slowly but surely on our WORKSHOPS page. As a teaser, their titles include PAINTBRUSH MEETS PEN, LOCAL HAUNTS, and FOREST OF FANTASY.

(See what I mean about her wit? I am pretty sure my last ghost story workshop was entitled something like, “Ashleigh’s Straightforward Ghost Story Writing Workshop for Kids in Middle School.” Even her titles are good. Sheesh!)

You’ll get to meet Jaime in person when you show up for her workshops. For now, here is a brief glimpse at what Jaime is all about:

Jaime deBlanc-Knowles is a fiction writer who grew up obsessed with Roald Dahl, dragons, and poetry. For three years, she taught English and creative writing at the Khabele School, where she had the privilege of working with some of the most inspired and entertaining kids of all time. Her fiction has been published in Meridian and Post Road, and she has attended residencies at the MacDowell Colony and Lighthouse Works. She is currently completing a novel.

(For some reason she didn’t mention the wrangling of cats-and-children. Huh.)

Contact us to register, and happy writing.



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