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Date(s) - Sat Jan 09, 2021 - Sat Mar 27, 2021
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


As you work on the first draft of a novel, you run into many different creative roadblocks. Some of those barriers are related to craft (how do you structure a novel?), but many are also psychological and emotional.

Completing a novel is an extremely challenging process that requires ample amounts of insight, stamina, self-compassion, and faith. This writing workshop is designed to smooth your path to completing a novel draft by providing you with thoughtful guidance and a steady support system as you work toward your goal.

Writing a novel often feels like wandering in the wilderness; this workshop will equip you with a compass and a map! Instead of working in isolation, struggling with each new decision, you’ll be surrounded by a community of writers who help inspire and motivate you in your novel-writing journey.

In this twelve-week course, we’ll explore key aspects of craft related to long-form narrative: character arc, plot, narrative tension, and theme. We’ll also discuss the soft skills involved in completing a novel, identifying and addressing the key psychological challenges that stand in your way. During the course of the workshop, each student will also submit two chapters for discussion and will receive in-depth feedback on their work.

Writers in this class can expect to:

  • learn key techniques for constructing a compelling novel draft

  • find the central character arc that keeps the reader reading (and the writer writing!)

  • master strategies for overcoming the psychological challenges involved in tackling a book-length project

  • receive support around goal-setting, time management, and accountability in their writing practice

Class format: Zoom

Class instructor: Jaime deBlanc-Knowles of Fresh Ink Austin

Class fee: $550.

For more details and to enroll, visit

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